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1982 VDC Made Traker 24"

Jun 20 '14 4:19PM PDT
Ship International Int'l
Trades OK
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Want to knock them dead at Rockford this year?
I never thought I would sell this bike but I need the $. This bike is 1 of less than 10 made and 1 of 2 known to still exist. Made by Vorris Dixon for Traker. It has a very distinct oval top tube that is pierced by the seat tube.
It was in rough shape when I got it and it has been mostly restored. The only things left to do to make it a show winner is to rechrome the frame, fork, seatpost and handlebars, and respoke the wheels.
The bike has most of it`s original parts except for the ones I had to replace. The tires were a guess but they are perfect for the bike IMO. I will provide the new owner with the bike`s history and everything I have done to it. I also will include a NOS sticker set for it.
It does have a small ding in the downtube that was caused by the previous owner carelessly packing the bike before shipping it. You can see it in pic #5. It can be filled with brass before rechroming (which it needs anyway) and will be completely unnoticable when done.
$2700.00 + actual shipping (if out of the USA). I prefer cash and local pick up. Paypal is an option though I would highly prefer cash or a money order.
This bike is likely too big to ship to Australia though I will give it a shot. It would take two boxes and would have to be shipped global express. Contact me for more details.

Parts list:

Traker frame, fork, seatpost, and handlebars
Pro-Neck stem
Suntour headlock
Kashimax Aero seat
Tange seatclamp
Oakley 3 grips
DC MX 1000 brakes
Kool Stop finned brakepads
Araya 7X rims
Campagnolo Record hubs
Cycle Pro Snakebelly skinwall tires
Takagi 175mm cranks
Tuff-Neck sprocket
Pro-Neck powerdisc
Shimano DX pedals

You can see it here (more pics on request):


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Item sold.


Will entertain any reasonable offers.


very rare indeed and an amazing bike..

cool wish i had that kind of ching to spend

Thanks for the viewing! Glad I got to see it. Thanks!

Possible trade/part trade for a non-stock, badass, TRX-250 Quad.

This is a rare gem here!  WOW!

this is one of many reasons i love this site!!!  i never would of seen one of these otherwise.... what a beauty, must really need the $$. GLWS

cool super cool...

Real nice !!!

3 to exist-I have one. Bought from an old school Traker racer who told me mine was his 3rd. First 2 broke. Mine is in race worn shape-thrashed but no cracks. I can buy his 20 inch black chrome Traker-voris built (?) oval top tube-no pierced tube. Do you have any idea on value? Thanks for your input-sick bike!

Weren't these the frame designs that lead to the lawsuits that spelled the end for Traker.

Super nice mad

I will offer you 7 magic beans ooooh aaaaah wink

Nah, that's super cool and costs 4 times what I paid for my car. Love it! cool

In a garage FULL of amazing bikes this was the one that I came back to, the stand out. Thanks for the tour!

very nice:)

When you going to come and tour my bikes slugger??

Nice! I have a Traker but its an '84 Akisu made tongue Still a very lightweight and solid frame

Sweet ride! 1 of 10 made really? Is it really light weight? So it is Japanese made?

What kind of trade would be ok?

I would consider trading for a Champion tandem.

I can see myself on this bike, but my wallet doesn't, wish I could.  I had the same grips but in red.

Nice Bike smile

I check this bike out each time it's been posted just to gawk at it. Most bikes I see for sale have one or (usually) more parts that I would swap out - I wouldn't change a thing on this - perfectly built for the era.

That`s because this is a complete survivor not something I built with parts laying around. I did replace and rebuild some of the parts like the tires, grips, hubs, and brake cable. But its about 90% original.
Also of note, after these pics were taken I put the original blue Pro Neck back on this bike. So the bike now has its original stem back on it.

very nice cruiser

smile It's real cool to see a beautiful old school bike like this one! GLWTS!

Awesome ride.

What's in Rockford? When does it start?

You had your chance. Now I`m forced to part it out. sad
Wheels pending to want82torker.

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