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RNC Superlight Stem. PAPERWEIGHT. Please Read.

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  • Posted2022-07-22 6:20am
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PAPERWEIGHT! RNC Superlight stem. So here's the story- I bought this stem a couple years ago with the intention of using it to race. The very first time I installed it (torqued all fasteners to spec) one of the titanium pinch bolt heads sheared off. I managed to extract it, then decided to use good ol steel bolts. As I was boring out the holes so the bolt head would fit, the aluminum body of the stem developed a crack directly above the top bolt. I removed the damaged aluminum (hence the 45° angle cut where the pinch bolts install. I've since tested it and it seems to clamp and function with no issues, but I'm just over RNC products in general and don't want to run this stem.

If you buy this paperweight and run it on a bike, do so at your own risk. PayPal only please.

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Take 35 for RNC stem shipped to 32073 FL?