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1" threaded Answer Alumilite mini fork

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90 lbs rider weight limit

13 ounces total weight

small corner of the USA MADE decal missing (see main picture), tiny scratches on the crown pic 3 (easily buffed out), all silk screen decals look great and are not faded, threads are in perfect condition.

no dents :)

USA LOWER 48 shipping only!

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From: Fargo (like the movie)
Signed up: 2010-12-28
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Had one on my 94 Elf junior24 cruiser that worked great and helped cut weight. GLWS

Had this one on my titan jr, put a rnc mini fork on it now, had to make the titanium match;)

you got pmed

Steerer tube has not be cut, it's all original and is exactly 143mm or around 5 1/2 inches.

Sale is pending to floridabmx

Payment sent

Received THANK YOU!