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Rare! Air-Line Double Clamp Stem - Late 70s early 80s

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I’ve done a search and could only find one of these super cool double clamp stems that turned up for sale on the site in 2012.
Here’s how the seller described it.

“1st off it's not made by air-uni. It was the only brand with air in the name
This stem is an Italian made stem by italmanubri and is called Air-Line
this was NOS when i got it and it was show mounted.”

My stem is also NOS but has a small scratch on the top of one of the clamps. It also has the mount for a front cable guide. I was thinking of removing the cable guide but lost interest in my project. I believe this is vintage late 70's to early 80s.

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Is it 22.2 ?

I 'think' it's 22.2 or 22.1

I'll have to check tomorrow and let you know. Thanks for the inquiry. :)

I just used a caliper on it and it fluctuates between 22.1 & 22.2
I hope that helps.
I just sent you a photo. :)