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91 GT Vertigo part out

Jan 1 '14 10:12PM PST
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Well taken care off 91 gt vertigo part out!! " S style frame " these are the prices. call dibs on anything you want i sent out day after payment is received. And you pay for shipping

GT vertigo frame serial#gh91011130 225.00

GT crank set 175 mm black 75.00

GT forks 75.00

GT handlebars 75.00

MX-1200 goose neck 40.00

GT post clamp 30.00

GT pedals 55.00

GT layback post 45.00

GT seat 40.00

20" X 1 3/8 Weinmann Wheel Set w/ GT hubs Front and Rear 100.00

GT each tire 45.00 one left


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Item sold.


im sure thats a vertigo,,,  and that chain ring wouldent have been on there originaly

yeah but its a better sprocket tongue

Do you know hat was the difference between the vertigo and performer?

Any dents re-welds or rust?

I think the difference between the Vertigo and the Performer were the parts that were used to build them... F/F exactly the same...

Not sure of the year on the vertigo but performers had a different frame.  They have the coin roll behind the seat post connecting the two drop down tubes.  Also the drop tubes off the back slant down towards the bottom to kinda match the "s" bottom tube.  The vertigo tubes go straight down like a mach 1 or interceptor.

It has to be from 90-93 stamped.  I have a 94 stamped vertigo and it doesnt have the "s" bottom tube.

It looks to be an 89 made 1990 model. the serial number may be 89 but the "S" bend was the 90 and newer model. the 88/89 had a single bend like the 87 Performer.

That is correct SrRaV1981

Definitely a Vertigo! Vertigo was the only one with both the angled top tube extension behind the seat tube and the "S" down tube. I like it! Can't be too many around either...

I thought performer n vertigo were same frames,    I just figured performer frame was full 4130 cromo n vertigo only had 4130 cromo main tubes.

1991 GT Catalog here: … ghogs,3682
1990 GT Catalog here: … ghogs,3682

Hope that helps.

More pictures of the seat?

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