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1991 Diamond Back RIPTILE frame & fork w peg bosses

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This is a pretty rare bird for you DB freestyle collectors.   Same as the other DB freestyle frame of the same era only without the bashguard.  (I can't recall the name right now)

In descent condition, has some rust on the brackets at the seat post where it intersects with the seat tube and top tube.   The threaded inserts are good.  There are some chain grind marks on the inside of the chainstay on the drive side.  There are no cracks, bends, or deep gouges.   There are some spots with pitting rust, mostly in the deep recessed area.  MORE PICTURES AVAILABLE by request.

THIS WILL NOT COME WITH THE CRANKS and CHAINWHEEL and headset cups.  I was having a hard time updating my pictures for some reason, but when I can I will update them here.

19.75'' toptube, 14.25'' chainstay (slammed), 1'' headtube, downtube plate gussets, American bottom bracket, accepts 22.2mm seatpost, seatpost/platform plate gusset, bullet tipped seat & chainstays, tubular seat & chainstay gussets, cable routes under toptube, fork has 1'' threaded steer tube, cable routes on fork leg, fork dropouts have diamond cut outs, frame drops have stamped ''DB'' logo, both frame & fork have threaded peg mounts (fits Spinner pegs), 1/8'' thick drops f&r with 3/8'' slots.

This will ship FedEx and I will NEED YOUR PHONE NUMBER in order to ship.

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Would you be willing to sell the fork by itself?