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Apr 14 '12 11:29PM PDT
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As my garage no longer has room for the family cars, I NEED to move out some bike stuff.  This should be evidence of that based on the giveaway type pricing!

This is a "well on your way" to a complete bike that includes the following:

  • 2009 Eastern Element Frame, 4130 Chromoly, 20.75" Top-Tube, Recently Refinished in Metalic Blue (Auto Paint)
  • 2009 Eastern FULL Forks, 4130 Chromoly, Slightly Tapered Fork, Drop-outs in Good Condition, Recentlhy Refinished in Metallic Blue (Auto Paint)
  • Eastern 45/45 Sealed / Internal Headset
  • Tree "Branch" Handlebars, These Came off of a Bike of Similar age (2010ish).  Nice, Lightweight Bars, Also 4130 Chromoly, 27" WIde, 8" HIgh
  • Profile Acoustic Frontload Stem, "Mint Color", CNC Front-Load Stem, Has all Hex Bolts (Although NONE are Original), A Great FL Stem

Re Stem: This was the stem used on my primary rider for a full year.  As such, I had to replace some stripped hex bolts, it also has a scratch here and there so less anyone think it's brand new! It's in really good shape, for a stem used over the course of a year.  Structually, Functionally Solid as a Dime, It Looks So Clean, I Wanted to Mention That

  • Animal Cush Pivotal.  One of My Favorites due to it's Actually Comfortable! Covered With a Kevlar Type Fabric, it Weighs Just Over 10 oz., Padded, White
  • Seat-post is Pivotal, Likely the Factory Eastern / Element / I Never Changed It and Previous Ownder Didn't Mention Anything, It Works!


  • Cult "Vans" Grips.  They are not Pictured on the Bike Because I Thought it Better to Allow Whomever Buys This Bike the Ability to Chose the Color.  I Have Access to Several Colors Being Offered as Part of a Local Promotion.  Of Course They Must Have the Color Requested on Hand, I May Ask the Buyer to Give me a "Top 3", SUrely They'll Have at Least One of Them!  I Will Include the Grips, In the Original / New Packaging for the Buyer to Install (or give away, sell, etc.).  They are Nice Grips Though, and Brand NEW

  • You Can See That I Was Close to Finishing This One (I Was Actually Pretty Excited About it).  Whomever Purchases it Will Need: wheels/tubes/tires, cranks and bottom bracket, pedals, and a chain.  That's all I can think of at least!
    Important Safety Note: I was building the Bike "Brakeless" however I highly suggest spending the few dollars on Decent Brakes (especially if being used by a beginner).  Just something important to keep in mind if buying for your son or similar type situation.  IF I locate a set of brakes that will work with this particular bike, I'll include them.  NO PROMMISES!  I have a lot of "stuff" so I will do my best to find and include a set of brakes.  Please remember, the only things promised are what's listed above! So if I can't find a set of brakes, please do not send me a message asking "Why did you forget my brakes!?!"  That's an ebay thing.  Enough on that!

    Hopefully someone likes and it sells so I can get it shipped by Monday *tracking number sent when shipped.

    This One Should Sell FAST, If Not the Economy Cannot be Recovering!

    Thanks for looking!


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    Item sold to justkaelin.


    I've had questions about breaking this partial "build" into parts, I would entertain something like:

    Handlebars: 20.00
    Stem: 40.00
    Frame: 50.00
    Forks: 20.00
    Grips: 10.00
    Seat: 10.00
    Seat Post: 5.00 / Free W/ Seat

    That's about $155.00 parted out (Headset included W/Frame)



    I've receive several requests to part this partial-build.  Therefore, I've elected to do so as indicated above.  Please note that as items sell, the pics remain useful only as reference to each adittional part.

    Thank you!

    is the acoustic 48mm?


    dibs on the whole thing?

    One person already purchased the seat.  I do have a "Cult" seat / seat-post combo I could put on and reduce the price to $75.00 + Shipping.

    That said, I have someone whom is looking at the bars and I'm not sue if iBike is calling dibs on the whole bike, or a part.  Looking back, I should have left it as a partial complete.  The person really wanted the Animal seat and I can't say no neutral

    The stem measures 4cm from back to front and 2cm from top to bottom, so I think it's the smaller of the Profile Accousitic Stems.

    I hope this helps...let me know if "DIBS" on entire thing are a specific part.  I'm trying to move the whole thing to one place, hence the hefty price encouragement!

    As mentioned, the Animal Seat / Eastern Seat-post sold to someone who apparently REALLY wanted them (basically paid retail  + shipping).

    I went ahead and used a black  on black Cult One Piece on it, which therefore reduces the price to $75.00 (should one purchase the partial build as it's intended)

    Please see pictures of the Cult Seat / Seat-post Combo Here:

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