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Very early thruster tripower 24 cruiser

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Frame has no breaks,dents or rewelds, not sure if paint is original it’s not like new paint but. It terrible. The fork has been cracked and rewelds at dropouts, it’s a good weld job it’s in very jumpable condition but could use a rewelds especially if you powder the frame, the blue pad set is an original set from the 80s but writing is rough impossible to find 80s pads though the bars are supposed to be Gt but not so sure anymore they are non gnurled though so probably 80s they are light and strong like 28” wide, neck is a first gen gold tuf neck in nice shape no hammer marks good rider cond., seat is a first gen viscount mx nos, post was nos gold fluted,seat clamp is acs, grips are rough but usable Oakley 3 grips black 1small crack, tops cut for brake (not shown). 3rd gen profile cranks long ones for cruiser has some pitting could use rechrome, nice rider pair shimano dx pedals I was going to buy aftermarket end caps would do pedals justice but they are in better shape than most I see, wheels are dk sealed hollow axel flip flop with nice chrome spokes not rusted, rims are araya I think can’t remember I took some close ups, also I bought 12 years ago the nos thruster tripower decal set from an old thruster retailer from the 80s but the black pad set is aftermarket thought the pads would look better but original is best comes with so if you restore it it would have og ones.

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