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Rare MXR Pro Hubs

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MXR Pro size hubs in mint condition.  These are one of the finest hubs ever made, truly works of art!  You know how rare these are, do NOT miss them!  $19 shipping with insurance in the US, international, ask.





Damn Ray, how many sets you have??? yikes

So good.


Where the heck does he come up with this stuff? its like flanelcamel went back in time a bought up all the holy grail parts of BMX...Seriously theese are the most beautifull hubs Ive ever seen! GLWS!


These on Araya b-s ridicules

You couldn't have at least polished them up a little to make them look nice and shiny? big_smile Those are freaking AMAZING! Do they come with a pair of sunglasses so you aren't blinded if you happen to glance down at them while you're riding?

If those are DC's old ones, Ray you are amazing.......wink

wow if i had the money or if work was there bthe be next to my campy sheriff star hubs

Hubs received! Thanks again