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Profile Champ

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Profile Champ.  19" top tube.  Original owner.  I got this in 84 or 85 and have had it ever since.  Rode it for about 3 or 4 years then replaced it.  It has been parked inside ever since.  No dents, dings, cracks or rewelds.  Has some very slight surface rust in spots which are pictured.  Chrome is mostly in very good shape, a small chip or two around the bb shell at the edge and some scratches where it penetrated the chrome.  The worst part is on the inside of the right rear drop out.  Some scratches that have removed the chrome on the dropout and a section that has been worn away from rubbing on the loop tail near the upper drop out (pictured as best I could but I'll try to get a better angle.)

Not really sure what the value of this is but I was told to list it at a number that seemed high to me, so I'll put it at $1,600 OBO. 

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Buy it now ! :lol:

Dream frame set! Little out of my budget but GLWS, damn ima miss this one:(


Wow! Wish I had the $$$$

Bought it

Notice this has the brake bridge style brace behind the bottom bracket she’ll.  You don’t see too many of these out there!!

Very nice :cool:

Nice grab congrats