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1982 Hutch Pro Racer

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Pre-Serial Hutch Pro Racer
Non-Drilled Forks
2nd Gen Profile Cranks
OG Hutch Black Pedal Bodies
OG Hutch Silver Pedal Cages
OG Hutch Straight Post
OG Hutch Black Deep H Stem
OG 1st Gen Hutch Bars
OG Hutch Stem Lock
OG Hutch Black Seat Clamp
OG Hutch Grips
Dia-Comp 880 Caliper
Dia-Comp Tech 7 Race Lever
TUFF Neck Disc
UKAI Black Rims
Suzie Hubs
JDB Pad Set
Must be cash and in person.  Paypal fees are too high.
The chrome is nice, so this could be a Pro-Star that someone just put Pro Racer Decals on.
BIG UPDATE HERE GUYS!  If you purchase my Pro Racer at the asking price, I will throw in my Candy Red Trick Star FOR FREE! 
Here is the link to the Trick Star so you can see the specs.
***EDIT.  Since many of you have asked, I can not ship to the Ukraine at this time.  Sorry.

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From: Lake Shore, MD
Country: United States
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Sick bike Won't last long @ that smoking $..! Get it now


What a deal. Shouldn't be around long at this price.

Smoking Deal Here

Wish I had a few of those.

Wow, sure thing.  I'll give you $3100 for it!

Is this a joke listing or are you just trying to get some action on the “are the ridiculous prices driving you out of the hobby thread”

Super cool bike however!

Definitely worth $31k :lol:

Why do all the deals have to come around when I have no money :-)




I hate when I only have $28,592. I miss out on all the great deals.

Any trades for an 84 RL20II that was Prince Abubu in 1986? - He traded it for three goats and a pig back in the days. I can’t confirm that, but the dry tiers on the brake pads might confirm it boss. One small dent from the village kids throwing rocks at it around 1985….also can’t confirm it. Let me know…ASAP- :cool:

I think this is a " I told my wife I would sell it" thing where he really dosent want to sell it.

Guys, I hear your concerns over the price.  I simply looked through the For Sale section here and saw what people are asking for the parts that are on this bike, and that is how I came up with my final sale price.  I added a small amount for finders fees and fuel surcharges since gas is going up, but as others have noticed, I am taking the hit on shipping and will cover the majority of that cost.  Good news for Hutch fans though, I will be making a change to this listing this afternoon that should really sweeten the pot, and get this bike moving!  Stay tuned!

**EDIT - Sorry for the inconvenience, but since many of you are asking, I will not be able to ship to the Ukraine at this time.  I could probably get it into Poland or maybe the Baltics if you were really serious about the purchase.


Is there any way to lower the cost of shipping? Asking for a friend.

You guys asked and here it is.  I am not lowering my price, but if you buy at the asking price, I will throw in my Candy Red Trick Star at no additional cost.  That's right, a two for one deal that you would be crazy to pass up.  Two historic Bikes, one race, one freestyle.  I will post the link to my Bike page in the ad above so you can see the specs/details on the Trick Star.  I assume my inbox will fill up quick with buyers, so if you PM me and its full, keep trying!

The Suzie hubs are what make it so valuable!

How much you knock off if I pick up? We are both in MD

Thank you for the kind words regarding the Suzie hubs.  Well, you would already save the entire shipping cost if you picked up locally.  I would be willing to reduce the sale price by 7%, but you would not get the 2 for 1 deal.  This offer expires at the end of today E.S.T.

Oh gotcha

Sad you have to throw in no shipping to Ukraine. I know it’s a joke but people/kids are dying and you shouldn’t put something like this in you’re kiddish post. Grow up.

Yes, bikes are still available.

I’ll give you a set of gold Lee Chi brakes in near mint condition….

One up alert!!!!! I’ll give you a set of gold Lee Chi brakes NOS in bag!!!!

Folks be Trippin'

I would also be willing to trade straight up for a Tesla, Model S Plaid.  Has to be plaid though.

Only when inflation, a bloated market, midlife crisis', and sarcasm collide can we have a $31,000 Pro Stars. Thanks Liberals.

Oh no, not a Pro Star.  Price would be much higher if it were. 

Price reduced below $30k now.

Trick Star*


This has to be a joke,  this seller can't be serious.   $29k is way too low.  Will you take $50k? Don't want to rip any bmx collector off or take advantage.

Wish i had the cash.

I don´t get anything from this post, man i read  very carefully as well all replies. But nothing make sesne.
Dont know what is the prurpose of this..
Any way good luck with sales. :thumbs-up:

Saw almost the same deal on here two weeks ago for two Huffy Thunders.

This has to be a joke, people be trippin 🙃

This may help:

This kind of post hurts bmx    Because some idiot out there is gonna post his bike for 30.000 grand now ..  do the right thing , and delete this .. it’s never gonna sell & you’ll stop getting clowned on …

If I were you, I willing to delivery by myself at a front door because I feel like I won lottery

I may do an in-person delivery.  Have to see how the sale goes.

Straight loco!

Dude, time to take the meds and delete this post

Trade for a Tesla Model S in paisley???

Holy shit this line is on fire!!!!!

cRaZy price..... id rather buy a house to put my hutch in...... :P

I think you have one "0" too many!

I just priced it out at fair market value as individual parts, $3500-3800 is a fair price... Not sure where you get $25000 more in value... You know the sale prices on here don't count unless they show a user name as to who brought the part. I could list pedals at $2000 and mark it sold at that price even if I made a deal at $500.

Well folks, here is yet another example of Bidenflation.

It may help potential buyers if you were to list the prices of the parts to determine how you came to that conclusion.  Then add a link to where they sold for those prices in the last 3 months.  Thanks for your interest.

Will you throw in a NEW CAR ? With this  deal ??  It doesn’t have to be a Hutch …🤪

:lol::lol::lol::lol::lol: hilarious

BMX - Bonafide Moron's Xchange :thumbs-down:

This is good S#*T.
I dont know whats funnier the add or the people that are taking it seriously.
If someone doesnt jump on this deal now the price will go up because of shipping cost. Thanks to Putin the cost of fuel is going up every minute of the day. thats the crap we are being told anyway. :lol:

and  it  gets  a  Tuesday  BUMP  on  top  it  off  .....   :lol:

:thumbs-up:  :D

Would you consider a check? I could send one for a substantially larger amount from my bank in Nigeria. Let me know!!

I will do a cashiers check.  If its a personal check, I will have to wait until it clears before shipping.

How about  a check from a Nigerian cashier. ;)

You’ve got one too many zeros on that price bud!!!

Make it 245.000.00 !! What’s the difference!!

The difference is $215,500.  I have a calculator if you need help with any other math problems.  :)

I love Tuesday bumps!

This Guy! HA!


Do you take robux? Asking for my son

If you Post a ridiculous Price "asking $1,000,000 OBO" your Thread will be removed.

Who determines what "ridiculous" is?  I could link you to some examples here "I" think are "ridiculous."  :D


Ah yes from the trump collection, over valued, way too much OG, and will eventually depreciate to the point of a Ruined brand.
Smell familiar.......


:lol: Yowzah!

I'd take it but you've requested in cash and my limit for carrying cash is only 25K at a time. Otherwise the weight is too heavy and it makes my hips hurt carrying that much stash in my fanny pack.

Understood, no worries.

Do you take ebt.... serious buyer here

Meh. Hutch.  Bill Grove couldnt hold Chuck Robinsons tape measure. Benchmark, my ass. :cool:

Which thread is longer? This one, or the $7000 GT 24" with every bolt on ever fabricated?

Do you take bitcoin? Asking for a friend

I just realized that the sale includes a JDB pad it’s definitely worth the selling price!

Did this sold?

Nah, mods shut the sale down.  Guess they decide what prices are acceptable in the F/S section now.