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GT 3 Piece Crank and Sprocket

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Please read entirely before messaging me. :)

Used GT Racing cranks - rider condition (not Power Series). I’m not sure what year these were from - maybe late 90s?
These are used with scrapes and scratches and some rust on the bolts.
The chrome on the front side of the cranks is not as shiny as the backside, but they still look pretty good.
The arms are 175 in length and the sprocket has 44 teeth. The sprocket has scratches and dried grease and will need to be cleaned.
The threads all seem to be good and the bolts thread in as they should.
There is no bottom bracket included, only the spindle. What you see is what you will receive.
I kept the inside fixed cone on so you could see what the crank looked like assembled.
You’ll have to get a new bottom bracket with bearing and cups.

PM for payment info
I've got good feedback and take pride in making sure my items are described properly and things are packed well for shipping.
Shipping within the United States only... no shipping outside the United States.
Thank you.

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Cool cranks and great price! Not sure what else may have came with them but definitely 2001 gt bump came with these cranks!

came off power series there not 2000 cranks there 90s look at sproket. sprokets went with pro and power series 90s bikes