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Huffy Stu Thomsen decals

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  • Posted2012-03-16 2:44pm
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This is a repop set of decals for a Huffy Stu Thomsen.  I worked from some really small pics in the Museum to come up with these and have received very positive feedback from Huffy owners that these are very close to the originals.  Decals are printed on clear 3M Scotchcal vinyl.  Price includes shipping to the lower 48, add $2 for anywhere else in the world.

What you get:
1 head tube decal - 4.4cm x 8.3cm
2 down tube decals - 28.3cm x 4.2cm
2 seat stay decals - 14.6cm x 2.2cm
2 chain stay decals - 14.6cm x 2.2cm
2 fork decals - 15cm x 2.9cm

PM me for my PayPal address if interested.  Thanks for looking!

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your work is always exelent and this is no exception. Now where did I put that old Stu frame and fork.... lol



nice stuff here bought a set and they are really nice

Nice decals

Are you still able to make these? PM me if you can please with a price

PM sent.

I’d love to buy a set of these if you still have some available!  Pm me please!  Thank you!’