BMX For Sale / Bottom Brackets / 3D Printed Splined Spindle BB spacer washers for Redline Flight Cranks- Read description

3D Printed Splined Spindle BB spacer washers for Redline Flight Cranks- Read description

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3D printed bottom bracket spacer washers

These will only fit mid 90s U.S. made Redline Flight fully splined spindles measuring about 18.8 millimeters in diameter (see spindle in photo for reference below). 

Spindle, bearing, cranks, chainwheel and bearing cups are not included in the sale of these spacer washers.

You will receive 2 washer spacers with each order.  One set of spacers per member please.

The problem with the original plastic washers is they crack and break when disassembled (see photo)

I cannot verify the durability of these 3D printed spacer washers. I installed them on a 1995 redline proline cruiser and took it on a test ride with no problems and they did not crack.

I will provide a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

These are snug fitting and I had the best results using the following steps during installation (use light grease on spindle and outside of bearings)

1. Tap 3D spacer washer in existing sealed bearing (one side only)
2. Tap bearing (already in the cup) into the BB shell
3. Tap spindle into bearing with spacer installed most of the way through, leaving enough room to install the crank arm with appropriate number of spacers to clear chain stays. Tighten pinch and crank bolt snugly.
4. Tap opposite side bearing with cup into frame (without 3D spacer washer)
5. Tap in 3D printed spacer washer onto spindle and use a deep socket to set it completely into place. Hold opposing crank in place while doing this.
6. Slide on second crank arm and check spacing, chain line and add any required washers. Tighten crank and pinch bolt.
7. Test ride and check for any seating, readjust as needed.

Please review all photos carefully.

I am happy to answer any questions.

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