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Super nice 1985 GT Mach One 99 percent Complete survivor OG

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Selling my 1985 gt mach one.
Super nice condition. There are some signs of use as expected but No Chrome loss. No dents or dings.
99% original/correct
OG decals
Super nice parts. Ukai speed lines mated to sakae Japan hubs, gt mallet, gt stamped power disc, sr chainring, sr cosmolite cranks, pro bars, gt epoch headset, gt logo tires and more!!!
When I found it, it had newer tires, newer grips, missing brake lever, and a mountain bike seat.
Replaced tires with older, nice rideable, GT logo skinwalls tires (not repops), found a nice set of these exact correct bubble font A'me survivor grips, located a correct brake lever (NOS), and an era correct Aero seat in super nice OG condition.
All that's lacking is brake cables but I do have new ones and they will be shipped to the purchaser
Gave the bike a good once-over cleaning, greased a few things and replaced/installed parts noted above.
She's ready to ride or hang on the wall!
More pics/videos available upon request and will be posting more in the comments section. Be glad to answer any questions just pm

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Good deal… enticing.


Can't wait to see this parted out..