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Redline 180mm flights with 44 tooth sprocket

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I'm new to the posts but not new to old school BMX parts. I will be listing more of my old Hutch stuff in a while..
Here is a nice set of old school 180 mm Redline Flight cranks with a 44 tooth sprocket..
The chrome is a little dull on the face where the decals are but not bad at all...The rest of the chrome is in very nice rust or chips.
I'm  sick of taking all the hits with the Ebay fees & deadbeat bidders. I will now start using the museum to unload some parts..
Price is $425 shipped..
USA shipping only..I will not get into shipping overseas...

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Nice Cranks!


This sold for 375 on the bay,did the person not pay or where you unhappy with what you got? I agree fees suck but now you are charging the members the fee

That said, however they are nice cranks

The person who bought them/ bid on them was from Australia...I clearly stated USA only...Similar cranks recently sold on Ebay for over $500....not charging any members any fees, just asking what I think they're worth..

I've had 4 similar incidents on ebay aswell, from various parts of the world. I know its BS  but I was looking to bid on them but didn't because you clearly said US shipping only. I do have family in New Bedford Mass.but didn't want to hassle them. I've since then bought a profile crank, but the flight was my first choice. Good luck with the sale I really did mean it they are nice cranks.

Thanks bro....I've been an ebay member for along time with 100% feedback for the duration and am sick of dealing with the BS from bidders who just like to cause problems...there should be some sort of way to restrict bidders from out of the country if you so choose, though I have bought a few items from the UK...I just got a bad taste because I've been the one to suffer $$$$ because of out of the country shipping services.

are they 401 full rap .if so tell and i will make offer asap

does that mean no international post :D  Some of us are cool

do they come with barings ,and is left arm in good shape.

There's a big international market for old school BMX, those cranks could ship in a padded flat rate envelope worldwide for $17.00 Just in case you change your mind.

shows "pending", but DIBS if it falls through. Let me know please.

sure thing....

Very nice....

still got them too...................