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Diamondback Large Pro

Apr 30 '13 1:33PM PDT
Ship International Int'l
Trades OK
Diamond Back

F&F&Bars are sold!
Open to offers on left over parts.

DB SR alloy Stem 90$
DB Seat clamp sold
DB Seat 50$
DB pad set 150$
Fluted alloy seat post 25$
Sugino Maxy Cross Cranks with Yst BB 175$
44t Sugino sprocket
Victor pedals (new) 50$
Araya 7x rims with Suzue Sealed Hubs 175$
IRC MX Super 8 Tires 65$
1979 Dia Comp 1080 with Vans pads 65$
Dual finger lever
New Chain 15$
New AME Tri Grips sold


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Item sold.


Hit me up if that padset gets parted.. smile could use it on my Viper..

whats the size of the db bars thanx

I believe they are a medium size bar.

Whats glwfs mean? Im not good with texting lingo.

Wow. Nice bike. Who was you photographer? Those pictures look professional. tongue

I think it's. g l w t s  "good luck with the sale"..

Yea i hired a professional photographer, wanted the best for my bike!

Oh yea thats what it means. Hope it sells!

glwfs? good looking with full spec?

Always LOVED DB frames. Nice bike.

Very nice!

really nice!!

Nice build

I know the bike is awesome, buy it make me a offer.

Its close to full spec besides the pads i believe. Isn't anyone into old diamond  backs. Make a offer.

check your messages .cool

I could use the seat if parted, maybe the stem and pedals too

Buy this beautiful survivor DB. Make offers.

Nice db I got one just like that...glws cool

Thanks. I lowered the price. See what shakes.

very nice smile

Any offers out there???

f/f's the chrome on it? Any flaking, rust, etc.? Decals original?

It's a true survivor. I got over a 1,000$ invested in it.


the bike is really really awesome,  ahhh man great pics to professional at that,
I have the same 1980 Large Pro DB frame, dual fork drop outs, DB stem, and DB cranks in super great condition, I got it for only $320.00 from Hot Box R/C.

GLWS big_smile

You got a great deal my friend! I'm going to eventually part it out soon.

Sick DB! Nice Build! GLWS!  cool

Thanks. I was hoping someone would buy it!

dibs per pm , f/f and bars.. paid. thanks

Thank you. Paid up on the f&f&bars.
I am parting this bike out. Make offers on all other parts.

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