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Oakley b1b lavender / violet grips

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  • Posted2021-12-01 6:30pm
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New in the original box/bag - Oakley b1b grips 2010 limited release.

Violet / lavender purple combo!

Please see pics for all details, message for any questions.

Perfect finishing touch to a purple / lavender build - Hutch Trick Star, Hollywood, Redline RL20II, Skyway, Peregrine

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These are cool

big_smilebig_smiletonguetonguelollol......if money was no object.

Jeez man i wish lol they would be perfect for my redberry general.

I think you should put these on the TRICKSTAR!

“ I think you should put these on the TRICKSTAR”

That was the original plan - but I ended building the bike 100% OG 80s parts.