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Redline forklifter / original condition

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I've done alot of painting over the years, and almost restored this a few times, but I always liked this one just the way it was.
It's only about a 1hr. Job lol, but it's....too real with the og decal.

The edges/ lines "all around" the stem are straight, which is what you want if you decide to paint...or if you
Just like straight parts.

Paint is missing on edges, but not from abuse.
It's shop wear from being in a box with aluminum brake calipers for 30 years.

The bottom is also free of any hits.
Threads are very good

It does have a "very" tiny ding on back and two small scratches , but all are in places that can be filled and painted to's all about those crisp lines.

Venmo, google pay, or zelle.
Won't do pay pal.

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Suntour stamped ?

Yes, it's shown.

Ahhh, it's not.
I'll post