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REDUCED .. 1" threaded S&M Holmes

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Item sold to RideorDie19 (2022-01-12 12:18am)


PRICE HAS BEEN REDUCED $50 , FROM $625  TO  $575  ...  93 / 94 S&M Holmes frame with chrome pitch forks. This frame is one of the nicest Holmes from this era that I have had or seen. Both frame & fork are in Beautiful condition and had been powder coated black and stickered by previous owner, powder looks very good. All dropouts and seat post key hole are very clean with minimal marks and not chewed up. The frame has no damaged areas that I see and is very solid. The forks appear to have original chrome that is also in very good condition. Fork threads are in very good condition "see pic below" The forks do have some scratches on the bottom of one legs but is not bad & does not effect anything  "see pics below" This F&F set could be a great show / display piece or a awesome rider. Price is $625 shipped in the US lower 48. Also please ask any and all questions as this is a no return / refund sale.

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Nice set!

That’s a beauty.


Tt length and drop size please.   Interested

1994 Holmes — 3/8” drops 21” tt

Really like this.

Pm sent


I sent you pm