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Redline Rl20ii Complete with all the goods

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Show stopper rl20ii parts list

86 or 87 frame set
80s forklifter freestyle bars
Trp clone seat post
Peregrine hp super pro wheels
(Wheels were nos and perfect before powder)
80s single pinch flight cranks
Sealed redline bb
Tech 7 levers
86 allen head nippons
Tioga pool comp tires
Tuf neck disc and chainring
5 suntour bolts ( 5 non stamped bolts)
Repop number plate
Acs slant stem
Ame bubble font grips
Redline frame standers
Crupi Chain tensioner
Redline pegs
Whites freewheel
Tioga headset
87 dated cables
Tuf neck seat clamp
Kashimax seat

Everything is in show quality condition with new powder, custom hand painted stamps, polished hardware. It all as nice as it gets and a ton of time went into building this bike. I will include a standard set of bike decals and super pro decals if a color change is your plan. The hutch pedals are not included and will be for my next build.

The seat tube was repaired by c4 is flawless, the fork tube was also repaired and works as it should. Niether of these repairs can be seen when assembled but were done and should be noted. Part of the serial cannot be read so I don't know if this is a 86 or 87.
This bike is being sold as a complete but if someone is interested in the frame and fork only for 1750 shipped I will do that. There is no dibs on this listing and message me if your interested, thanks

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Saw you at the show yesterday! Happen to have an extra set of pools ?

I dont

Beautiful build


About 3k too much. I read where you said you only had $1500 in this entire build. That's a ton of extra cabbage my man.

Market value for hard to find parts that have had a ton of work done to them to be mint. I guess we should all work for free if you say so.

SICK ASS BUILD!!!   cool


So Bad Ass Great Bike Solid Quality Work Angelo cool

Such a sick build bro I examined it in person and your work is amazing man

Killer build the devils in the details!!

Sale pending


Priced well. Great score for the buyer