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Aluminium Mosh/Giant Frame

Mar 13 '13 10:28AM PDT
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Mosh/Giant Aluminium Frame Great For A Rider No Dents/Dings/Dropouts Look Good


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Item sold.


20" or 24"  Thanks Randy

20" Frame

That was my very first race bike. It's an expert size frame I think and mine had a weird 1' THREADLESS headset on it. But 1-1/8 forks wouldn't fit in it.

Yeah -that's gotta be early.  Unusual dropouts for a Mosh.  Cool.

Doesn't seem to have a name... what's it called?

No name just Mosh would look killer in your collection...tongue lol

Top tube? Also is head tube 1" or 1.125"?

I will check TT length recall it had 1" threadless so standard size head tube.

If its 1 1/8, I have a Mosh stem and chrome Mosh fork I can give you a deal on if you want to keep it wink

Kastan made? cool

I have been told it is but some beg to differ welds look like it to me.

TT length?  And will a normal 1-1/8" threadless fork fit that frame?

what is the TT length ?

Sorry guys 19-1/2" on the

Can someone please help me out?I have a Raw Mosh 24 Kastan made and the serial number is 0010 and would like to know he diff between a kastan made and a regular Mosh.Also,its in awesome shape and would like to know if anyone knows off hand the worth of a Kastan 24.Thanks for your time!!

One Million Dollars!

Not into trashing threads fatboy,So I will leave this alone!!!

Mosh is the BMX division of Giant Manufacturing Co. Ltd created in 1996 by Giant helped by Linn Kastan and AA Pro racer Jason Richardson. -wiki

in the mid 90's giant used the name mosh to gain interest in their complete bmx bike line.  they stopped using the name in the late 2000's and started branding their bmx line giant.   they did however to continue using the name on their components.  this frame is a mid 90's and was made over seas and does have a  1" head tube.  this frame would accept either a threadless or threaded 1" steer tube.  when giant started to adopt the kastan name their intention was to gain ground in the racing seen.  all the mosh frames with a "linn kastan" signature were designed and built in u.s.a.  part of the deal linn kastan had made with giant was by using his design and name they would make all of the kastan branded frames.  this did not last long.  in the end giant had to nearly give away the last of their stock of mosh "linn kastan" signature frame sets.  giant made and released pro and a pro xl frame set only.  no complete bikes.   i own a signature mosh pro xl.  i also sold a real kastan branded to a friend of mine and was nearly identical mine.  i have pictures of my mosh but no pictures of the kastan i sold.  pm me skid196940 if you would like to see it or any member that is interested.  the giveaway is that a u.s.a. frames have eyelets welded to the seat tube for a seat clamp.  and the head tube and bottom bracket shell are forged.  also, the welds on the rear dropout have been grounded smooth for a beautiful finishing touch.

Tried to send PM user's box is full....... lemme know if the frame is still available.
I want it.

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