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Autographed Program 1987 Matt Hoffman

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This is an Autographed original program from the 1987 Tizer World Freestyle Championships (held at Stretford in Manchester).  The program has been signed by Matt Hoffman, Stuart "Pepi" Winder, Andrew Reardon, Jason Hassell, Gary Forsyth, Dave Young, Allyn Wythington, and Michael Larson.  It is also signed by the director of the event Collin Kefford.
The program does have wear, and is not pristine.  All pages are good, however one page has a piece torn out (see picture).  There is what I would consider excessive wear evenly thoughout.  However, since I have owned this piece it has been keep in a plastic sleeve, and will be shipped in it as well.
This is basically a one of a kind piece, I have never seen anothe program from this event, let alone any one item with this many signatures of the old school pros.


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