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HUTCH XL24 xl-24 complete rider

Mar 13 '13 3:37PM PDT
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HUTCH xl24 (xl-24) cruiser bmx bike; this is an OG frame and fork in good used condition.  Chrome isn't perfect, it show its age, but no noticeable dings or dents.  Not a show bike by any means, very nice survivor.  Frame headtube and downtube decals are original, fork decals are repop.  Deep H stem, pedals bodies and pads are all JDB Hutch reissue parts (but pedal cages are original old school HUTCH).  Seatpost is a Race, Inc straight post.  Last time I went to adjust the seat post up, it didn't budge, so I left it where it is without messing with it much; I suspect it will break free with a little work, but I didn't want to mess with it so I left it as is.  Cranks are newer double pinch redline flights, with a tufneck power disk and chainwheel.  Mags are newer Skyway Tuff 2's, tires are snakebelly style with excellent tread left.  Dia-Compe bulldog rear brake caliper (may not be the correct brake for this bike, but it works!).  Also has a really nice looking replica HUTCH Stadium plate on it.  This bike is a daily rider -- I would love to keep it but I have too many horses in the stable right now.  Asking $2100.  Thanks for looking.  -Manny

**update** expert bars have been replaced with authentic O.G. HUTCH cruiser bars (cut 1" on each side, slight stem pinch -- overall good looking bars) - also put a real Kashi seat on it (rider/scratched condition)

P.S. If this doesn't sell, it won't break my heart -- I ride it a lot and love every minute of it! 
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Price dropped to $2100 OBO


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Item sold.


That's just a little bit sweet right there! coolcoolcool

thanks brah... if I didn't have a couple of other bikes I love I wouldn't sell it; I still ride/love this bike.

oh gees wish i had more cash, i have always had a soft spot for hutch cool

Wow!!!! Great Deal Here.... On Feb. 8th one sold on Bay Item # 190634343402.  Check it out.

Looks fun! big_smile

sweet bike...


cool Love it!

wow , that is a great hutch 24.  looks killer put in work .....

Wow, sure makes a dude wish he had 2400 to blow on such a collectible toy.

this is like WHOA!!!

Nice bike

Sweet ... Good luck...wink

Real Nice GLWS

Sweet lookin ride

anything else in your "stable" for sale?  smile

so so fine! big_smile

big_smilebig_smilebig_smile really I keep droolin!

Very nice. Wish I had the ca$h

Pending for Hutchone

Now pending for metalman

Sold/gone/missed already

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