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1988-89 Kastan KEX Pro w/ uni blade & seat post.

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Up for grabs is a 20" 1988-89 Kastan Kex Pro frame w/ uni blade fork and original post.

I got the bike from the second owner and it turned out i actually know the original owner as well. It hasnt left the city of Cerritos in 20+ years

When i got the the bike it had 3 layers of rattle can and a regular fork.. the uni-blade had been stashed away for the past 10 years or so. (its in great shape)

I had plans to build it up for the summer time, but can use the funds right now for other things.


I sprayed some stripper on the frame and brushed it off to check out the details underneath. All that spray paint acted almost like padding to the frame because its in really good shape.

Very minor hints of rash on the stays,looks like just from being set down. After a good coat of powder and paint they will be gone. It was originally one of those sweet mint green ones, you can see traces of it in the bb and headtube. The dropouts are super clean, all stamps and numbers are near perfect on it. All around great shape.. this thing was not ridden hard at all.

The last owner told me he got it when he was about 15 so he rode it for about 6 months and started driving. it hung in his garage until his nephew started showing interest in riding occasionally about it about a year ago.

Fork: Very clean chrome, would shine a lot more with a good cleaning and some elbow grease. all i did was wipe it with a rag and some pledge.

Pretty sure its a first gen, it isnt capped off and has the buffed out redline steertube. Original decal isnt perfect but its there, and the hub spins good and is in nice shape as well.

Seat Post:

Post is uncut, primered grey and has a slight pinch to it from over tightening a very easy fix. it still accepts guts with no problem at all. should clean up well.

A perfect lil project here.. late old school/early mid-school rare bird!

Build this bad boy up and watch the heads turn in the summer!

I can send more pictures if needed and answer any questions about it.

Im asking $500 shipped. In the USA.


Damnit... You would post this while I have 6 BUILDS going on!!!!

most certainly top 3 favs in my list .... wish i had the funds

Wow!!! That hub and forks are in awsome shape. :D

Feel free to shoot offers.. :cool:


I got 400$ if u will take it

Waiting for response,u take offers???

smelrose74.. chill out dude, i see you're a newb on here and the old school BMX bug may have bitten you hard but pm'ing someone 9 times in a row for a response wont get you very far. :rolleyes:

With that said the bike has found a new home. I ended up doing a deal locally.

That's all folks!