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'87 GT Performer - Frame

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'87 GT Performer Frame. I'm pretty sure it is from an '87, based on the serial, but I'm not positive. The serial number is: DS70514669. There are no cracks, dents, or repairs.

Free shipping to the lower 48.

I'm not looking for any trades.

PM me with any questions, or offers.

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Is this US made Frame ?

not sure.,.,.,,,

no,not made in the USA the DS indicates that.

dose any one know if the 85-89 frames like this one. is the seat posts size 25.4mm/mid in diameter or is small post like a lot old school

Do u have the forks?  How about the bottom bracket cups?  Lmk


looks like my old frame!!! did you get this from seansoclean????

Still for sale?

Are the U.S one worth more?? can you give me any information on serial number DS70498472???

Where you at in Albany? Im in Selkirk and very interested in this frame