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3/8 X 1" fine or course TITANIUM axle/hub bolts (Each)-(Profile/Chris King/Stealth etc.)

Feb 24 '13 6:18PM PST
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Hi all,

I am a source for TITANIUM axle bolts.  I can supply you with bolts for whatever hubs you are running.  Put your racing bike on a diet.  I have raced with these on my Chris King and Profile hubs with great success and know they will fit many other applications (anything utilizing a 3/8 thread axle bolt where it threads into the hub).  I supply these in either course or fine thread depending upon what hub you are using.  Just let me know which hubs you have and I can help you determine which bolts will work for you!  Considering a replacement steel bolt will run $4 each from most suppliers these are priced to help you out as I have a good supply!  As always please email me with any questions.  Free shipping!  Thanks for looking!


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You have more?

Would these work on Profile spindles?

Hi hboost,  I am going to say these will fit.  I have them installed in Profile mini hubs without problems.  The exact thread and pitch is 3/8-24 X 1" Hex.  These are the same thread pitch as any old 3/8 bicycle axle.  If you have access to a hardware store bolt bin you could grab a 3/8-24 bolt to test fit it in your spindle to make 100% sure these will work for you!

What are those hubs? AWESOME! big_smile

What are those hubs? AWESOME! big_smile

Thanks for the compliment.  Those are Ailenation Bullitt hubs.  They roll nice and smooth and I really like them a lot!  The only down-side to the hubs is that they do not have the instant engagement like the Profiles or Chris Kings, but do not have drag through the rhythm section of the track.

what about phil wood hubs?

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Gotcha Leatherman, Response sent!

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