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NOS Very Rare Old School GHP Handlebars NON KNURLED

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Item sold to Mike sting (2021-07-09 2:19pm)


Very rare set of handlebars. I was told these are GHP. These are NON knurled and never mounted. They were found with all the other NOS items I have listed in a bike shop that closed in 1985. The welds remind me of very early Hutch and WIN welds that were very small and polished out before chroming.

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Hello.  Are the welds polished out?

Yes. Welds are polished out

Thought these were GHP Cruiserbars?

Very possible

Freshour bars? Not GHP

Def resemble freshour

I dont see a set of Freshour bars making it to a bike shop in PA. But they could have.

I’m in Pittsburgh but the bars didn’t come from here. I believe they came from new jersey

Freshour bikes were welded up right here in Sikeston Missouri.  Again, possible they could have traveled that far. I also dont think Jerry Freshour polished his welds out. Cool bars for sure.