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DRIVE sprocket 44t

Jun 5 '13 7:11PM PDT
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this is a DRIVE sprocket there are rare to find. i got one and polished it up for a build and decided to go with different chainwheel. this came machined and i polished it to make it look chrome, it is aluminum. this wasnt made for gt show crank arms or FSA afterburner arms so i shaved some metal for them to fit and they look great i just hate they didnt go with my build. any one knows how much time it takes to polish this would know that it took a lot of time and patience to do this


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Item sold to BRUZKI23.


Great job on the polishing job...If I had some show cranks Id have to pick this up!

To bad you shaved it or id be all over this. 44T's are super hard to find.

How hard is super hard? what year would these have been made? that on looks cool but i dunno with the bit taken out of it.

the bit taken out is so they can fit on the gt show or other crank arms that match aand since it was under the arm i didnt care to polish it. if you dont have the arms  you would have to polish the rest of it so you dont see where i shave some metal off. once the rest is polished then you wouldnt know the difference.

I don't even know what this is but it's pretty damn cool.

i guess the brand of this is DRIVE INDUSTRIES...and


"Drive Technologies" .... brand
(thanks for that Fulthrotle73)

The Brand is "Drive Technologies"

Man that really sucks that you cut it up to fit those cranks.. Had it been the stock gear I'd have bought it in a heartbeat.. I've been searching for a 44t drive sprocket for weeks now and no luck.

Would you be interested in polishing an nos 43t drive sprocket?


be money in the hand faster than selling a grinded out one big_smile

them look great cool

Super nice piece of ART....

spindle diameter in mm?

Aw thats nice iv got a NOS 46T wish it was a 44.

I have a black 44t. there nice

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