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Black Hutch Kashimax seat JBD

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Brand new black Hutch BMX JDB Kashimax seat.

In hand and ready to ship.

First time available in years and now sold out world wide.

From Hutch BMX Official -

A little back-story on the making of these seats: I'm told that other brands have wanted to copy Hutch by having seats made for them, but Mr. Kashima San has a respect for the Hutch brand and has declined many of these other requests.  Hutch greatly appreciates the fine work of Kashima Saddle Company, and hopefully customers appreciate the unique relationship between these two companies that goes back several decades. Japan was also shut-down even more than USA during the pandemic, so manufacturing has been very difficult for them. It's wonderful to have the opportunity to present the Kashimax/Hutch seat again!

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