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Se Racing Quadangle Aluminum '97 Last Of The USA Made

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Item sold to voiceofdecember (2022-06-07 2:31pm)


I have had this as a complete since new in 1997.... TT the last years of the USA made Quadangles...aluminum frame, in excellent condition...the autographs on one side can be removed when you get the was signed by Matt Hoffman, and TJ Lavin and some others when they came through Texas for a Road Fools shoot in 2000. They came into where I worked and signed it for me since it was my birthday. The Road Fools 5 Quad!
FF to 17:32 to see it getting signed.... this was my main race bike for several years, and I hate to see it go. $500, and Shipping is free in the us with Tracking

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oh man this is cool

Damn nice frame as I have a early serial # ‘96 as I’ll never part with it. Awesome signatures from T.J. and Mat to boot there. GLWS! :cool:

I also have a 97 Quad...   These have great geometry & are awesome bikes to ride!!

The Road Fools 5 Quad!
FF to 17:32 to see it getting signed.

Thanks for finding the link to the bike getting signed....that was a fun nite....I still have the Schwinn Sweatshirt Jay gave me....

You should keep it. If I had the money, I would buy it and let you keep it to hang on the wall since this was sort of a birthday thing

I think you should keep it too.
You will regret letting that go.
Very cool piece of bmx memorabilia!

Hang on to it if possible. Some things don't come back around. But I do get it....some times ya just gotta let go for whatever reason. Cool frame.

Thanks...Covid pretty much killed my job, and now degenerative arthritis is taking my mobility....