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1978 Phil Wood bmx hubs 1st gens.(36 hole)(nos)

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1978 Phil wood bmx hubs 36 hole. (nos)
- Size details ... front 100 mm. // Rear 110 mm.
- All original ,Very nice condition
- Please see pictures for more detail !!!
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Nice road hubs...

Holy Crap!  yikes


BMX man.

the box reads Phil Road hubs set...  for a cog cluster...has adjustable spoke collar on rear... emailed Phil they said they will do some research and get back to me about torque issues... thats all I know


rear hub was def converted at Phil Wood as the non-drive side collar is not the correct old style.
May have been a 100/120mm bolt-on road hub set at some point but this would have been quite uncommon. So these were probably QR road hubs that have been converted by Phil Wood.
btw the last picture is totally wrong and the Phil website is even worse when it comes to their own history in the early days...

Now that makes sense, thanks for your expertise, an early conversion makes sense Phil said they originally didn't make hubs like that with 110mm cog cluster rear..... they mentioned thats not original bmx hub  on that adjustable threaded rear collar, and use if you really have too... thats what I found out

Even for what it is, still pretty cool to see nos stuff like this. GLWS

Ready to get these off you buddy if you are happy to ship to London/UK


It sure be noted that most high end old school Bmx parts used back then were road bike / track bike (fixie) parts.
Bmx was not even on Phil Woods radar at the time.
If you wanted light weight, high quality parts you would get Campy, Suntour and Shimano Dura Ace.
No Bmx company’s were making high end hubs and cranks when it all started.