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2018 Supercross Envy BLK carbon price drop

  • Price$1800.00
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2018 Supercross Envy BLK Carbon F/F,215” TT Supercross bars,seat,sp,Crupi spc,Alienation hoops w Stealth hubs, custom powder coated Shimano DXR’s and bb. Elevn stem, Haro Cliq hs,Box grips, Tangent chainring, Donnie Robinson carbon brakes/lever, Answer tensioners, Vee tires. Extremely light/fast bike in excellent condition. I take money orders and PayPal. If paying by PayPal buyer is responsible for PP fees.

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You've been posting up some nice bikes recently but OMG I want this one bad!! cool

Lol! Tyvm!

If this goes any lower I may have to start twisting your arm about shipping overseas! Great deal on a great bike!! cool

Lol! Tyvm!

Still available?

Still available?


What size cranks



What size are the fork drops and front axle?

Sorry guys just seeing these. 10mm-3/8”

What is the tire size front & back?  What is the gearing for chainring and rear cog?