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1985 Redline Rl20ll pro styler "Partout"

  • Price$1900.00
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Item sold to Rebelguy (2021-04-06 5:30pm)


I had to do a repost on this bike because another member wanted to make payments on it so i am now listing it as a parts bike....No trades and no holds, first come first serve.

parts lists and my prices shipped..

1985 frame/fork $ 1900.00
First gen forklifter bars $ 750.00
Forklifter stem $75.00
Original oakley b1b grips $400.00
Broken arrow seat post clamp $120.00
Tech7 hybrid levers $175.00
85/87 dated nippons $400.00
Elina Flyte Tech seat $450.00
Peregrine mags $550.00
Complete crank set 1st. gen tech matics, 175 mm crank arms, single pinched, plated 43 T bubble font sprocket $1200
Black panaracer tires $65

If you do not see the price listed with part, it will has already sold. Thanks.

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Cool 😎

Thanks everyone

So nice

It is super clean i only rode It one time and the price is perfect bring i have 6500 in it and free shipping

This was my bike.  It is perfect in every way you'd be lucky to ever find a nicer 85.

Yes it is a truly beautiful 85 in mint condition

Y'all killing me over here

Dibs on peregrine mags!

so rad!!!!beautiful bike my friend:D

Dibs on seat

Dibs on the frame/fork

Too late fir the seat but in any case if the buyer of the white seat wants a black one i have one to trade.