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80s akisu bladed fork (rare)

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  • Posted2021-03-21 3:58pm
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Survivor condition came off 83 kuwahara laserlight,  forks in nice condition,  laserlight frame is still available also

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I gave one of these away not too long ago. Wish I'd known it was a rare one. cool

Well that was nice of you.

Concrete trash what did you give away? Got any pics or anything on what you gave away because im sure it wasn't these forks maybe some other akisu brand forks.

It was 100% a set of forks identical to these. They were very slightly bent. I could have fixed them but decided to give them away instead.

You win, but i only see those forks on the baddest ass bike, like kuwahara laserlight and your freshour or whatever it is lol