BMX For Sale / Frame Only / 2009 Euro Solid killing machine FRAME/HS/BB ONLY 20.75

2009 Euro Solid killing machine FRAME/HS/BB ONLY 20.75

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Ok here's the skinny I dont have to sell but it's been hanging in my basement for 8.5 years and has NEVER NEVER NEVER been outdoors I built it up over a year and when it was done I rode it in my living room/dining room just to realize I wasnt a fan of the GEO. The first 3 pictures were from 2013 when I submitted it on here the last 5 are from today dust and all. There are ZERO scratches,dents,flaws, I'd like to list it as NOS but I built it So ya...if it sells will just be the frame unless someone has more $$ for me to not part it out. Shipping is to the lower 48. Ask any questions. Please no negative comments.

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