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message me if you need any of these sets, I have most gt freestyle sets from the 80s and the early 80s gt pro sets. I have a couple of each

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payment sent

Inbox is full, I'm ready to purchase pink blue 87 performer if you have available

Sent message, need 1989 #3 Navy PFT Team set. Thanks.

I need set number 3. Let me know when to send paypal.

Sorry...#3 86 pro performer magenta

I ordered #9 1987 GT Performer Pink/Blue and they are really nice!

I'm not getting a response so I'm taking my business elsewhere....

I want to get #2. 89 gt performer.

I didn't get a message from you hwk71 but have received messages from many others so I know my messages are working.

March 5th I messaged twice. At first I didn't include the correct discription of set needed. But this listing isn't up anymore I just noticed. ?
Are they still available?

Sent you an email

Your inbox is full Bro.  But I’ll take a set of the blue 89 Performer set.  (#1)