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Price drop ! Peregrine Master Mags wheels radbery

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Item sold to five (2012-02-22 8:41am)


PEREGRINE Master mags wheels in good survivor condition , no cracks

Rare Radberry color

Price = 150 USD shipped for USA and Europe , I'm located in Belgium

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$130 shipped? If so dibs.

:cool: That's a good price for Radberry Peregrine's! ;)

175 shipped to the states right? if so dibs.

Yes ,that's right ! 175 USD  shipped to the states ! ;)

Still for sale , no news from DecadeJay ...:rolleyes:

Check PM please ....

Pm'ed back for Supersem ;)


nice wheels tough!

:cool: wheels

need better pics--:/

suprised these are still here

Paid.  :)