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DK Mini Stem Aluminum Quill Square corner on back

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This sale is for a DK Mini Stem in nice condition.  This is a real mini stem.  A lot of people think regular 'ol DK stems are mini's.  Not even close.  This thing is unbelievably small.  Might even call it "cute".  It has an aluminum quill as you can probably tell.  This is mot certainly for a rad little rider.

It has a square corner back end (some were round), and I believe that puts this one more in the early '80s.

There is some patina on the surface, but it's all quite superficial.  It looks good, but you could always put some elbow grease into and spiff it up a bit if you like.

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Nice stem but difficult to gauge the actual size from the pics. Would it be possible place a bic lighter or something next to it for comparison?

Take a look at the bottom picx.