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Custom 26 wheel set SUN RHYNO LITE/Profile Elite

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NEW Never UESD CUSTOM Profile ELITE/ SUN RHYNO LITE wheelset. This is new and just built up this year for a project that I'm no longer doing.  These are 26" inch x 1.75 SUN RHYNO LITE 36h rims laced to PROFILE RACING ELITE HUBS. These were built to be strong and hold extra weight of a Clydesdale type rider. That is why I used the SAPIM Strong spoke that is 13guage at the head, and the HEX brass nipples so you could true wheel not just at the top part of nipple but at the under side as well. You remove tire & tube & rim strip and use special wrench to true and wont round off nipple. These are built and ready to race or ride the streets. These are a high quality wheelset that are hand built by a wheel building pro, and not some amateur. Any questions please ask.

HUBS: Profile Elite 36h with TITANIUM Driver and comes with 16t steel cassette.
SPOKES: SAPIM Strong spokes These are 13g at the head and taper to 14g at the threads.
TIRES: Panaracer Comet Hardpack 26 x 2.10 front and 26 x 1.95 rear

Price includes shipping to lower 48 states and if you want to pick up in Madison, WI you can save $68 in shipping. Also if you want to save more money you can deduct $100 for not taking the tires & tubes. I'm not looking to trade and I wont come down any further on price because these weren't cheap to build and PAYPAL and shipping isn't FREE.

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Sweet setup! I just built the same setup, but I got chrome hoops. And yes it wasnt cheap, but well worth it.

Someone buys these you wont be dissappointed!

Thanks for the compliment. When I purchased there was no chrome rims available, and I would have loved to build a set of chrome wheels.

WOW!!  Super nice!!!

I got lucky and scored the last pair from my LBS. GLWS