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Hanebrink 24" Cruiser Triple Clamp Forks 1-1/8" Steerer

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This sale is for a set of 24" Cruiser Hanebrink forks in great condition.  Color is faded least it is fairly uniform.  Everything is there and in good condition.  Normal wear and tear.  There are a couple of superficial scratches on them, but no dents or dings.  A lot of what you see on the black part is dust.

"Five Star" 5

There are tan lines under the various stickers and the red socks.  Hanebrink decals are a bit pealing/flaking.

On the one hand you could polish them.  On the otherhand, what I think would look so sweet is to reanno them.

It's been more than a year since any were listed.

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Lovvvvvvve em

I call dibs on these babies. Thanks troy