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New GT 20 X 1.75 White Skin Wall Freestyle Tires Pair

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Item sold to Frankie_nick (2020-10-10 3:34am)


You may have seen these new old school GT tires going over $370 plus shipping on eBay with bids rising...

Here is another rare set of excellent white GT 20x1.75 reproductions, sold by a GT dealer.  Grab these before I put them up for auction on eBay!
Our last pair left.
Still have original tags intact.
We throw in GT BMX stickers too...

Shipping in the continental 48 states is included!

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Great deal.  Won’t last long!

Great member to deal with!


bummer.....wish you had two or three sets

madrolllol $299 really lmao

Isn’t GT starting to fulfill orders? At Regular price. $37 a tire

They will do 249.50 on ebay like mine did just a few minutes ago with 11 bids,

@MPKBiker yep,here you go … 3189524573

Angelo's were also listed as "NEW" .... mounted for a week. roll

Maybe these are 300 Peso's and not USD. lollolroll

We’ve seen eta’s on pre-orders go well past their due dates with the current state of the broken rubber industry.  Just throwing my hat in the ring here.
Thanks for all your comments!
Happy to take offers...

You’re friend “bought” them?