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Odyssey 99er seat (Blue)

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New condition Blue Odyssey 99er seat..  Seat was lightly used on my Fat Ripper..  No marks, scuffs, tears, or scratches on seat..  The rails do have mounting marks from seat post..  Call dibs & PM for paypal.. Price shipped lower 48...

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$50 I’m in nj



Would you ship to uk

Great seat and the price is fair. I just wished I had a project for this.

Awesome Gumby! I remember a western PA wrestler that always had Gumby in his corner BITD...Nazareth HS I believe...and of course the Saturday Night live skits with Eddie Murphy. Well done, dammit!

Seat is cool too, lol.

Gumby gets a cut of the $$ when the stuff sells..  lol  I have a Speed Racer also, but Gumby kicked his Azz..  So, he's on the DL..  lol