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Big sale sale sale don’t miss out 1987 Haro master One of a kind never seen other one like it don’t Forget sale sale sale it could be yours for $4400

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Is this a factory paint job?  If not it’s priced a bit high for a new powder job.

Good luck on saleing it.

Someone tell me what is a good price

A "good price" is hard to say without more info on the bike...

TLDR Be specific. Have good pics. Use the "sold" function.

  • What are the components?
  • Are the components new reproductions, or are they original 1980s era parts?
  • If they are original. have they been refinished? If not what condition are they in?
  • Has the frame and fork been re-finished, or is this an anomalous original factory paint job?

Many of these can be answered by simply adding better photos, with specific non apparent details pointed out.
For example,I can see in your fourth photo, the front brake is an era correct Dia-Compe Nippon. It looks fantastic as far as condition. But I don't know if it's been refinished or not, and for me personally that affects what I'm willing to pay.
Also, just to the right of the search functions on the "For Sale" area you will see a box that says "Only Show Sold"
You can use that to find the average current price of anything.
Sorry this is so long. I hope it's helpful.

Thank you

If you are going to ask $5800 screenshot images aren't going to cut it.

Put some effort into your sale post. This will never sell.

Don’t ask $6k for a bike you have no idea of its value.

That’s all the pictures they’ll let me download I hope it helps all of you

1800 to 2500 tops.


Why are you saying that do you know what you are talking about?

He can ask whatever price he likes. It does seem a little high..

What’s your recommendation

The levers may or may not be re-pops. Are they dated? Made in japan?
Are the brakes re-pops? Are they dated on the back? Post the year they were made.
Keep in mind right now no restore, no matter how good a paint job is, is still worth less than a nice survivor.

Dig through the sold section to see what comparable 87' Masters have sold for.
Dig through the sold section to see what your parts list in similar condition has sold for.
Use a calculator.

1 ask whatever you want to ask, it's still your bike.

There's a reason this bike is still sitting here...

This is not a factory paint job. It is an aftermarket job that anyone can get done.  This is not a selling point.

Good luck trying to find a matching set of stickers

2 dollars

Try three dollars

It is a nice bike but $1800-$2500 seems about right ... nice bike

Try ebay

Bro this is my hutch judge yes it’s been powdered by C-4 but it has all 80s parts all chromoly Sugino 175s. The only thing repop on my bike is calipers. If your bike is worth 6 grand mine gotta be worth 15 at least. Bro you gotta work on that bike and your pics and get a better feel of what it’s worth. I’m just sayin

Can’t post pics in comments? That blows

Calling people "Jealous" is not going to help sell your bike any sooner.   roll   And I don't believe anyone is jealous, just frustrated at the general overpricing of bikes in recent months.  Having said that, even though overpriced, it is a very nice bike.  Good luck in your sales.

My wife keeps telling me to sell it I don’t want to

If I can get what I have a price for it will go

Ah, the classic wife wants me to sell it pricing strategy!  You’re trying to sell it but it just isn’t moving.... Nicely played!

Whatever it won’t go any lower

Throw it on ebay with no reserve.  You might got more lol

Just checking back in on this thread...lol

4400 is a “sale”?rollrollroll

4656 views and counting.  This could be a museum record!

This bike is about 2 grand too high.

Lineage 48s didn’t exist back in 87!

I sold my mint 87 master for 2k to a friend, perhaps could have gotten a little more but I felt it was fair - only an original mint unmolested master goes over 3k let alone 4K  just my 2 cents- glws

Bout 2500 too high

Shocked this is still available big_smilebig_smilebig_smile

don't mean to beat on a dead horse here. And eez drop.....

To each their own. I am curious tho. What would mine be worth.   If anyone has a moment look at " my bike " and check it out, information is pretty detailed,  any good feedback is always welcomed. 

I am more curious  now then ever,  considering somone offered me what I believe is a generous offer,  but after reading these comments makes me wonder.

Anywho cheers everyone and good luck on your sale! cool

This thread is pretty interesting I have to say. Obviously it’s intended not to sell at this point since it’s way overpriced.

how about a part list.... wink

I agree with the folks in the range of $1,800-$2,400.  I recently purchased a great 87 master survivor in great condition for $2,200 and my buddy just acquired a super clean "Team Master" survivor with all the bells and whistles for $3k.

First off nice clean bike and another that didn't go to waste. Don't listen to the haters. The bike is worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it. I read a comment from plywood that "a restored bike is not worth more than a survivor", this is completely not true.  If my restoration has mint everything and your survivors beat or thrashed there is no way it is worth more. PERIOD! Because a fully restored bike with all the period correct parts can be parted out and make more money than a survivor in fair to good shape easily and all day long.  And I have seen a guy do a 87 master in all 24 karat gold on every peice frame, rims, cranks, levers, bars, pedals, disc, everything.  And there is no way a survivor is going to be worth more in original condition than a fully 24 karat gold custom master. So that comment is not thought thru at all. Hands down. And unless your survivor was in a closet for 35 years its gonna have wear and tear. Now you have to take into account the components that make these bikes valuable:
Hp 48's w/ polished Suzue's. 300-1200
Tech 7's levers.  450-800
Peregrine cranks.  450-1100
Peregrine disc.  75-200
Dia compe Nippon front brake. 100-300
No knock handlebars. 125-250
Pdmx-15's pedals   150-250
Viscount dominator.   75-150
Peregrine clamp.  50-125
Fluted Haro seatpost 4130.   75-150
Frame and fork.   450-1200
Haro tires original 87's.  200-450
Odyssey gyro 87.  50-200
Hatta headset   50-200
Low prices being survivor and high prices being NOS. And these are just ballpark, I have seen them go for lower or higher to the right buyer as well as where they are sold,  via bmx museum or EBAY. So don't let them knock you on your choices or your price.  But do take into account that if you put it together for 1100, then there is a good chance you won't get much more than that for the money. And if it's a repop part its really worth half of what you paid for it since anyone else can also buy it and do the same pretty easily. But again it is worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it. So good job on the restoration and keep on riding. And I have always said " If they ain't hating you ain't doing it right "! Good luck 🤘

At least it has a weinman adjuster….