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AKISU 20" 1 1/8 Threadless Forks

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  • Posted2011-12-20 1:07pm
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AKISU? 20" chrome 1 1/8 threadless forks in good rider condition. Some scratches on fork legs, chrome has light peppering, but cleans up nicely. Nice beefy dropouts. Clean welds. Steerer tube has lots of numbers and letters stamped on it (see "name it" forum) and "Made in Taiwan." Free shipping to lower 48 states, otherwise shipping will be actual cost.

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I think you are right, these look just like a pair of threaded Akisu's that I have.

Thanks for sharing. Do you have any pics of your forks? How do you know they're Akisus? Are they stamped? I'd like to see them if you have a pic. PM me if you do.

Would you ship to South Africa.

Sure, I'd ship...see PM.