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dia-compe brake cable frame clamps MINT NOS !!!!

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i am testing the waters =to see how these sell and its hard to sell cause once they are gone i dont know how ill ever get to find more for my bike builds..  but my loss is your gain hopefully.. anyways what your buying is 2 dia-compe brake cable frame clamps in absoluite MINT NOS concdition.. never used and come withthe fine toothed screw clamp to adjust to frame...  sorry for blurry pic  but they were so shiny and also small it didnt take so well.. but if you have any questions let me know.. i HAVE 5 SETS OF THESE BESIDES THE ONE POSTED HERE FOR SALE !!!! so a total of 6 sets of these clamps if you want more than one.. these are rare in this condition and good luck finding them in even close to this quality and mint !!!

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are they the small ones?

what do you define as small?  just let me know.. these will fit the top tube of my 80 supergoose just fine.. i tried it a second ago for grins !!! if that gives you an idea of size

Sweet deal here

thanks neil-son.. i figured it was pretty good..

Dibs, 1 set. Paid

leaves 5  sets left as of now... thanks cracker

4 sets left now sold one locally..  4 SETS LEFT GUYS

I want a set get back so I can send payment please

@ saturday.. pm sent.. thanks

I want a set also. As soon as payment info is recieved I'll send payment asap.

I'll take 2 sets or 4 total clamps.  Please send payment info.

dibs on a set if you still have a set left. lmk

Ill dib a set as well if any more are availible. I need payment info as well. Thanks.

@ braddlphns...  mroze took the last 2... ill see if i can get anymore come monday if you guys till want any.. ill repost em if i do...

I want a set if you get any more. Thanks.


ill go monday and see if i can get anymore.. i know there are more of non diacompes i can get ahold of.. will let you know asap... and braddplhns you need to hurry

till i get more.. last set sold to braddlphns....  will try and get more this week... and will post for sale when i do.. thanks for the sales guys

to all that got a set of these they are getting ready to be taken to post office to delivery.. thanks again for purchase