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Skyway Tuff wheel II set 20 black brand new

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New set of black Skyway Tuff wheel II 20” 

Brand new, never mounted.

Built to accommodate pneumatic or non-pneumatic tires

Sealed Precision Bearings

Fits all modern and old school bikes with 3/8" dropouts

Any 20" x 1.75" tire or wider will fit

Freewheel driver compatible


Rear Axle: 3/8"

Front Axle: 3/8"

Driver: Freewheel Compatible (Freewheel Not Included!)

Spokes: 5

Finish: Black

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Would like to purchase

Are these sold?

I would like to purchase these please.  Thanks.

Well considering they’re out of stock 11 months out of the year is a realistic answer of why I am able to sell them at this price, 11 months out of the year.

Thanks for the support!

I just bought a set of these for $119 at porkchop.

That’s great.  I also just saved 15% on my car insurance.

Also concrete trash, if you can buy three sets at $119 for the price of my one at $295.. you may also want to buy a calculator.