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Plastic Uni (not Uni the seat maker) brake lever

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This is a Uni compression release lever used on motorcycles. This is not the Uni of seat and seat post fame. This company made filters and motorcycle parts I think. Back in the day Fathers who were building super light bikes for their kids some times picked these levers to save weight. I bought this one new, upgraded the hardware and mounted it for show only. I can provide more pictures if needed. Please ask questions before buying. Sold as is, no refunds. Asking $15 + $4 shipping - US 48 states only.

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Very cool!
Does this mount up to a brake cable the typical way we're used to?

Pretty much the same fashion. Very easy. The only issue I experienced was that the piece at the end of the cable that locks into the lever has to be a certain size to fit. I’ve bought cables that fit, so they are available. Some cables end piece might be to large to fit but can be filed down to fit.