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3d printed 1" bar extensions

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3d printed from FRP (fiber reinforced plastic) these extensions are meant as a lighter weight/lower cost option to my heavy duty aluminum bar ends (sold as a pair). 1" extension for standard 7/8" cromo bars, stainless steel hardware. $5 max shipping no matter how many you order (INTL pays actual)


"Light Duty" use only- carpet queens, beach cruisers, the bike you take out for Sunday rides with the family etc. These are plenty strong, but won't survive freestyle use or if you ride hard enough that you crash pretty regularly.

Standard cromo bars only- look at a dime edgewise... if the walls of your bars are thicker than the dime, these will not fit.

The wedge you receive may be different colors as I use up various color samples- the color does not affect the strength of the wedge.

Don't over tighten- these are plastic after all, if you go full Magilla Gorilla on them you will break things.

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Really well designed and though out product.  Kuddos Matty!  These things are awesome.  Fit like a glove!

A while back I received a set of prototypes to test them as I had bought many of the aluminum versions he sells. I can honestly say these bar extensions are plenty strong & hold up to easy riding & light bmx action. I use these with closed or open ended grips they fit, look & work great. Excellent bar extensions!

These are awesome too. Your aluminum ones are killer too!