1985 Haro Freestyler Sport frameset

Jun 27 '20 8:21AM PDT
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1985 Haro sport blue frame set. 100% original paint and decals. Correct fork standers are included.  Fork is not bent no dents or dings drop outs are average to slightly better showing my marks from wheel insertion.  Lots of scratches and a couple of issues. I believe in full disclosure so here are the three known issues With this frame set. 1)  there’s a tiny crack starting at the base of the keyhole as can be seen in the detailed photo although I normally would not sell the frame with any sort of cracks I believe this would not be structurally critical at this stage it’s at but that’s your call back at your own risk it is tiny as you can see by how much the photograph is blown up.
2) The front cable guide under the top tube is missing which would not be an issue if you plan on running a Gyro
3) The left fork blade  appears to have been drilled off center for the fork stander. the fork is not bent and the blades match their orientation otherwise, it’s just that Stander is a little bit twisted compared to the right one.  When I bought this set the original seller did not disclose any of this so I am being fully truthful here.  I guess I would consider this a Manufacturing anomaly not entirely unusual but again in full disclosure.  USA shipping only on this.  As a original paint original decals 1985 survivor I price this accordingly with these issues it Has I believe there’s a lot of good going on here with this frame set yet and won’t find anything even close for less than 1000 bucks on eBay.  If you want to buy more of a complete package I have wheels and other survivor parts from 1985 that would look good on this that I can offer at a discounted rate please send me a message and I will let you know what I have


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